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Labor Day Eat-In on Boston Common

If you run in the local food crowd, you've probably heard about the Labor Day Eat-Ins happening this Monday. If not, a brief summary:

The Childhood Nutrition Act, which is responsible for the budgeting and implementation of public school lunches, is coming up for reauthorization this fall. A nation wide effort is being made to allocate more funds towards the cafeteria budget, and increase the quantity of healthy local foods available to school children. Currently, there are over 280 such eat-ins planned for this Labor Day. As an event organizer with the Boston Localvores, we're organizing one such Eat-In at the Boston Common, by the Gazebo, from 12pm-2:30pm this Monday, September 7th. There will be petitions to sign, information to read, and literature available for those who want to become more active in guaranteeing healthy, local food for school children. 


Feel free to invite anyone and everyone you know to come.

For more information check out the following sites:



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