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Rooted In Community conference

This past Saturday, attendees of the annual Rooted In Community (RIC) conference came down to our Lincoln farm for a full day of learning, sharing, and (of course) eating! 

RIC identifies itself as a diverse movement of youth and adults working together to foster healthy communities and food justice, through urban and rural agriculture, community gardening, food security and related environmental justice work.

Throughout two of the five days at the conference, youth participated in many different youth led workshops from human sculptures, video making and radio broadcasting to window garden making, public speaking and diversity workshops. For the other days, youth took tours of Cultivating Community, Lots to Gardens and The Food Project (i.e., 150 biking through Maine, working on various pieces of land, making meals together, etc.).

At The Food Project, a group of staff, alumni, interns, and assistant crew leaders helped lead the 150 conference attendees in the following:

  • Setting Safe Space for the whole conference
  • Leading all 150 people, in Lincoln and Appleton, in a presentation focused on pushing the Food Movement Forward and recognizing the good work that all these organizations are doing.
  • Introduced participants to the seriousness of TFP, but also how we balance that with the fun side and games
  • Going through a slideshow of visuals and narrative on TFP programs and answering many questions about The Food Project (including the CSAs, Raised Beds, Youth Programs, Farmers' Markets, HROs, Agriculture, etc.)
  • Cultural Sharing Diversity Workshop
  • Having people experience and relax at Walden Pond on a beautiful and sunny day
  • Preparing a delicious and very diverse meal on our Lincoln site for 150 people (8 hours of cooking the previous day) that people praised as one of the best meals they've ever had.


There's also an account of RIC's visit to our farm on their blog.

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